Recreational Marijuana and Cannabis Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help . Whether it’s information you are after or the latest CBD, vape, and cannabis products, Urbana has you covered. Our friendly consultants will assist you and offer the guidance you need to find exactly what you are looking for.

Store Hours

10am – 9pm daily.

Contact Urbana

To call our Geary store: (415) 702-6767

To call our Delivery team: (415) 660-0405

To call our Mission store: (415) 814-3273

To email our corporate offices: belong@urbananow.com

Cannabis Pickup Hours

10am – 7pm daily.  Order online anytime from www.urbananow.com and your order will be ready in the time window confirmed in a reply from our e-commerce platform.

Cannabis Delivery Hours

12pm – 7pm daily.  Order online anytime from www.urbananow.com and your order will be confirmed for delivery in a reply from our delivery system.  The person ordering must be present to accept the order with their ID handy.

Forms of Payment

Cash and ATM cards are accepted.  A $2.60 fee is charged for each ATM transaction and is waived for orders over $100.  Your chip ATM card and PIN must be present for processing.  Please note that we DO NOT accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover credit cards—only chip-enabled ATM cards.

Delivery Order Status
We will text you when your delivery driver is approaching. 
Cannabis Delivery Fees
San Francisco: $5 per order, waived for all orders over $100. Marin zip codes: $5 per order; $125 minimum.
We must physically see the ID for the person that places any delivery order and is accepting it.  ID must be a valid government-issued card or passport with a photo. A valid doctor’s recommendation is required for persons between ages 18 and 21.  We can view these documents from a short distance and do not need to touch them to verify, however a copy of each document must be either emailed or uploaded to us for our records if you are ordering for delivery.
Social Distancing
We will keep a safe distance from all customers during every transaction.  We must be able to briefly verify your ID with a close inspection.  Please inform us in advance if you are ill or suspect being ill with any infectious disease.
All sales are final.  Opened product cannot be returned unless it is defective.  No cash refunds are made at any time; all exchanges will be for similar product by the same or a compatible brand.
Discounts are automatically applied for specials and promotions.  Seniors and veterans can select the appropriate discount at checkout.  Only the largest discount applicable will be provided for an entire order.  Individual items that are on special will be discounted separately.  Your online total may be slightly different than the actual total from our cash register and we are obligated by state law to follow the register calculation.
Feel free to provide a gratuity to our delivery drivers.  Please note that tips cannot be added to your debit card transaction and must be in cash.